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With great sadness, we were informed that we lost our scientific supporter, Dr. Gerbrant van Vledder.

Gerbrant Van Vledder (July 28, 1957 – November 22, 2019) was a scientist involved in the research, development and application of wind wave models, wind and wave climatology, assessment of renewable energy resource, metocean conditions, wave measurements, tsunami risk assessment, oceanography and hydraulic boundary conditions for harbours, offshore and coastal structures. He was a visiting Scientist at Delft University of Technology and the owner of Van Vledder Consulting, Wave Modelling & Hydraulic Research, The Netherlands.

Recently, we had a great deal of communication with him in order to receive his suggestions and he was always very supportive and encouraging to all of us.

We were very honored when wrote on the webpage of his company about us: "Since July 2019 I am pleased to be scientific advisor of the group of young researchers focusing on the integratal development of wave energy. This initiative is most relevant for the global energy transition required to keep our planet habitable."

We received his advice for developing our future career and goals, while he finished one of his emails with: "No worries, together we can make a better world."

Here is what our co-founder and member Adem Akpinar has written in memory of Dr. van Vledder:

In the memory of Gerbrant Van Vledder (July 28, 1957 – November 22, 2019)

It was ages ago. A wise hand reached out to me for assistance when I could not figure out a solution to a problem during my PhD years, and I had shared it on an academic platform - an encounter that would lead to years of joint studies because this wasn’t the end of our story.

What a great deal of things I have learned from you, and while I still have a lot of things to learn. Your words, ''Don't worry, Adem, I'm here'', encouraged me whenever I doubted my abilities towards handling a scientific study.

I could write pages and pages describing you - but to summarize in a few words, you were a great teacher, and a perfect friend in social life. The peace of mind I felt knowing that you were out there despite long away overseas between us.

I do not want to say that you are gone, because you will live on forever in my heart and with your amazing works. With longing and respect, you will always be remembered....

                                                                                                                                                           Your student from Turkey
                                                                                                                                                        Assoc Prof. Dr. Adem Akpınar

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